10 Classic Marijuana Strains from Sensible Seeds Premium

  1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights, an indica strain from a genetic lineage of Thai and Afghani varieties, is a spectacle to behold. With THC levels reaching up to 21%, Northern Lights is known for its potent, profoundly calming effects. Its terpene profile is characterised by high levels of myrcene, pinene, and camphene, producing a earthy and sweet aroma. This classic strain has been around since the 1970s – you’ve almost certainly had it more than once. Even today, it’s one of the most popular strains among growers and smokers with most seedbanks offering their own versions of the legendary Northern Lights. Sensible Seeds Premium- The King of the North is one of the best, with around 21% THC content and a lifecycle of just 60 days. A Certficate of Analysis for The King of the North can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

2) White Widow

White Widow, named for its frosty white crystal resin, offers a potent and balanced high with THC levels often exceeding 20%. Bred by Green House Seeds in the ’90s, this strain’s terpene profile is dominated by myrcene, producing a solid earthy and spicy aroma. Frequently referenced in pop culture, as a iconic plant. Medical marijuana patients have noted it is helpful with tackling issues as fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression. White Widow is still a best-seller 30 years later and we are proud of our version called Sensible Seeds Premium- Wicked Widow A Certficate of Analysis for White Widow can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

3) Blue Dream

A legendary strain that is popular choice for newbs and experienced smokers and growers alike. A little of the legend surrounding this relative newcomer is that as yet, nobody appears to be taking credit for the breeding, although it’s believed to have originated in Santa Cruz, California as an intended medical strain for a wide range of ailments, including ADD/ADHD, PTSD, autism and bipolar to name a few. Combining a Blueberry with a Haze gives a fairly high THC content averaging 20%, appreciated by both recreational and medical users. Its terpene profile, high in myrcene and pinene, imbues the strain with a sweet berry aroma and subtle pine notes.This strain is a nouveau classic and is in high demand worldwide. The therapeutic powers of Sensible Seeds Premium- Blue Dream ensured a meteroic rise to success. A Certficate of Analysis for Blue Dream  can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

4) OG Kush

All hail the OG! A standard-bearer of the West Coast cannabis scene, OG Kush is famous for its potent effects, typically reaching THC levels of 20-25%. This strain is high in terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, giving it a complex fuel, skunk, and spice aroma. Created in the 1990’s it is a mixture of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush…a marvellous combination that few other strains can parallel. The OG either means Original Gangster or Ocean Grown, no-one is exactly sure which…. maybe OMG might be a better one for this beast! As the genetic parent of many famous hybrids, OG Kush’s influence and unforgettable aroma have enshrined it as a classic. You’ll find it at the backbone of many of today’s greatest hybrids, and it will undoubtedly lend its qualities to new strains for years to come. You’re looking at cannabis royalty here, Sensible Seeds Premium – OG Kush is a true matriarch in the cannabis world. A Certficate of Analysis for OG Kush can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

5) Jack Herer

Sensible Seeds Premium- Jack Herer gets its namesake after the lifelong marijuana activist and author of 1985 book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. It boasts uplifting effects that many users find to be a perfect balance between cerebral and physical. The original version was created in the 1990s by Sensi Seeds, and it was soon rewarded with the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup. Jack Herer typically has a THC content of around 20%. Its unique terpene profile, high in limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene, provides an appealing spicy, peppery pine aroma. It stands as a classic in the industry, paying tribute to one of the most significant figures in cannabis folklore, and continues to be enjoyed by enthusiasts worldwide. The high comes on quickly with an energetic and euphoric rush, which transforms into a pleasant body sensation that is relaxing but not necessarily couch-locking. The easy and well-balanced high makes it a perfect choice for newbies. Also beneficial for ADHD, OCD and helps with pain relief. A Certficate of Analysis for Jack Herer can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

6) Old Mans Sock

Old Man Socks by Sensible Seeds Premium Selection Old Man Socks is a Cheese variety that originated from the Brit Rave scene in the late 80’s. After a hard night stomping the dance floor they would chill out and smoke this classic pungent strain. Some say it was noticed that the smell was almost as strong as their sweaty cheesy socks and hence the name was born. Great when grown indoors or out though be warned… this is not for the guerrilla grower!! The plants are tall and the stench is so strong your neighbours for a half mile radius will think there is a wine distillery brewing a cheese based wine. Double your air extraction filters on this one for sure!  On the plus side it is mould resistant and easy to grow, and you will be rewarded with large, rock hard buds, glistening with THC crystals.  Old Man Socks is a classic Indica/Sativa hybrid; the yields are good and the THC is a mellow 14% which compliments the High CBD rating. A Certficate of Analysis for Old Mans Sock can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

7) Pineapple Express

A strain that gained soaring popularity due to the Seth Rogan and James Franco movie with the same name, Pineapple Express has long been a favourite for pot smokers around the world – particularly in the Netherlands. The Dutch have been keen on this beauty for some time now and rate it as a winning strain that has a loyal fan-base of repeat customers.

Pineapple Express by Sensible Seeds Premium is the smooth, sweet result of crossing the delightful parents Trainwreck and Hawaiian. THC content of this potent Dutch winner typically comes in at between 21-26%, with a regular mark of around 24%. CBD is recorded at less than 1%, with CBN hitting around the 1% mark. Pineapple Express has a powerful happy head high, along with a more gentle body stone, often resulting in feelings of creativity and the desire to have a good chat! A Certficate of Analysis for Pineapple Express can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

8) Power Plant Primo

As it names suggests Power Plant Primo by Sensible Seeds Premium is a strong, robust cannabis strain, an F1 Hybrid of South African descent. This beast has stood the test of time and is still one of the best sellers since its birth in the 90’s. 

The “Power” comes from its extreme effects when smoked. If you have a day time job and want to keep it then smoke only after work or you will never make it there. Small tokes only are needed for a good clear headed high overdo it and your mind will be lost in the clouds… You have been warned!         A Certficate of Analysis for Power Plant Primo can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

9) Night Nurse

Night Nurse by Sensible Seeds Premium is a popular stain amongst medical marijuana users as its soothing properties are beneficial for a variety of conditions. She is a Sativa dominant strain and produces fat resinous buds which sparkle with THC trichomes – lovely! With its bumper yields and top levels of THC it is also perfect for the commercial grower – no wonder it is one of our best sellers!

The Night Nurse will tuck you nicely into bed at night and her medical skills have been known to help with chronic pain, nausea, depression, insomnia, headaches, PMS, and arthritis… maybe more.

She has a fruity pine smell almost like sandal wood and her smell is sweet and earthy when smoked.

The effect is happy and relaxing…. time to dream…. A Certficate of Analysis for Night Nurse can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

10) Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Automatic from Sensible Seeds Premium is an Old School Legend that has stood the test of time….the result of many years of selective breeding and has produced a hardy Sativa dominant strain suitable for harsh climates and terrains – great for the Guerrilla grower! In terms of medical application, Amnesia Haze Automatic is reported to help ease stress, anxiety, depression and a lack of appetite.Amnesia Autoflowering is a cannabis strain will grace you with a sweet spicy aroma with a hint of lemon and cedar. The effect is perfect for those who want to relax and is more cerebral than physical.

Amnesia haze can be a high maintenance lady but she will reward you with high yielding juicy buds and a whopping 20% + THC. Take her to bed and forget all your worries! A Certficate of Analysis for Amnesia Haze Auto can be viewed on the Sensible Seeds Premium site

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