Pursuant to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and other laws, the germination or cultivation of cannabis seeds without a license from the Secretary of State is illegal in the UK.  On this site, we sell cannabis seeds for novelty or souvenir purposes only.  If you intend to use cannabis seeds for germination or cultivation, then you should not use this site.

 Anyone committing drugs offenses may be imprisoned, fined, or both. Customers who intend to break the law must NOT use this site.


We provide cannabis seeds for non-commercial souvenir purposes only.  We do not in any way germinate, cultivate, manufacture or fabricate illegal substances, nor are we involved in any way in such activities, nor do we condone such activities.

In this site, you will also find more information about the sorts of products we offer for sale and other products like them.  However, the information we provide is, necessarily, of a highly-generalised nature.  You must take your own advice on the suitability, appropriateness, lawfulness or legality of our products for your own situation.

Sensible Seeds Premium cannot guarantee the accuracy of its information regarding the various medical, health-related and therapeutic applications of cannabis (marijuana).  The information is of a general rather than authoritative nature in any case, and so should not be relied on.  Just to be absolutely clear: we do not and cannot in any way guarantee the medical, health-related or therapeutic efficacy of any of our products and none of our products are sold or offered on a medical or therapeutic basis. 

Our product descriptions merely indicate where a particular product may generally be of help, but it is always your responsibility to find the right products for your particular needs.  Thus, prior to purchasing any of our products, you should seek further, specialist, advice, information and data from appropriately qualified professionals if you are unsure as to which product (whether ours or that of a different supplier) is right for you..

It’s important to bear in mind that where a particular cannabis (marijuana) strain is said to be ‘recommended’ for medical, health or therapeutic purposes, this is only because an individuals has discovered that a particular strain helped them for a particular condition.  You will appreciate that this is to a large extent subjective and experiences will vary from person to person. 

Our medical and health information serves only as a guideline.  We do not provide medical advice and we are not qualified practitioners in any medical, healthcare or therapeutic discipline and we do not hold ourselves out as such, whether explicitly or implicitly.  Customers are advised to rely on their own independent research at all times.

By using this site, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old AND of the age of majority in your jurisdiction;

AND you accept and acknowledge that:-

1.      the information contained on this site is for non-commercial educational and research purposes and is of a general nature and not meant or intended to constitute advice, whether legal, medical, therapeutic, psychological or otherwise;

2.      any products purchased through this site are intended as novelty and souvenir gifts only;

3.      you will not germinate any product purchased through this site unless it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction;

4.      you will not use any product purchased through this site for any recreational purpose or in any manufacturing, chemical or fabrication process whatsoever unless it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction;

5.      you will not import any product from this site to your territory or jurisdiction unless it is legal to do so; and,

6.      you understand that you do not have the permission of Sensible SeedsPremium to use this site where you (or your agents or contractors) are in breach of any of the above

All persons who choose to purchase our products are fully and entirely responsible for the consequences of their own actions, including (non-exhaustively) criminal prosecution, civil proceedings, civil or criminal confiscation of our shipment or other property of Sensible Seeds Premium or the customer, and any medical, psychological or other health-related consequences of using our products. 

Our products have not been approved by any government public health, healthcare and medical agencies anywhere (including in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries).  Sensible Seeds Premium accepts no product liability.

You acknowledge that:-

1.      Sensible Seeds Premium stands absolved of all legal responsibility in respect of your decision to, variously, use this site and use products on this site (including germination or cultivation of said products and use of said products in derivative manufacture, fabrication or chemical processes); and,

2.      to the fullest extent of the law, you indemnify Sensible Seeds Premium in respect of any breach, contravention, non-observance or non-performance whatsoever of these legal obligations, stipulations, promises and restrictions on your part or on the part of any agent or contractor of yourself.

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