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Sensible Seeds Premium brings you the highest quality seeds from our reputable network of suppliers. Growing the perfect skunk has never been so easy! Sensible Seeds Premium gives you access to the best seeds on the market. We work with more than 150 growers to source seeds that take your cannabis growing from “meh” to amazing.




Despatch Co-ordinator




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Sensible Seeds Premium

Our team has scoured the world looking for producers who are a cut above the rest. All we do is pass the benefits onto you.


Office Helper- Support Dog Speciality- Looking cute whilst grumpy, fluttering eyes in hope of food. Always on a diet


Office Helper- Gives great cuddles. Speciality- Snoring VERY loudly and snorting like a little piggy


Office Helper- Clearing up every scrap of food Speciality- Giving kisses and stealing peoples lunches with upmost stealth

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Dreams and Teams Work Together!

Application Developer

Hanya Zia

Proficient and creative WordPress developer with a strong history in website management and development. Experienced in SEO and PPC campaign creation. Expert in all aspects of WordPress website creation, including design, plug-ins, and implementation. Skilled in creating engaging and interactive websites. Excel at team projects and leadership. Detail-oriented and knowledgeable in various programming languages. Dedicated to superior customer service at all levels from the first meeting with a client to the website maintenance after launch.

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