Hindu Kush


Sex: Feminised

Type: Indica

Grow: Indoors/Outdoors

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Outdoor Harvest: Late September/Early October

Yield: Indoor: 400-450g/m2 – Outdoor: 450-500g/plant

Height: Short

THC: 18-21%

CBD: 0.5-2%

CBG: 0.5%

Terpenes: Myrcene: 0.83%, Limonene: 0.8%, Caryophyllene: 0.61-0.96%, Humulene: 0.66%, Pinene: 0.11-0.26%

Genetics: Landrace

Taste/Flavour: Earthy, Sweet

Effect: Relaxing, Euphoric, Sleepy, Creative

Medical Conditions: Insomnia, OCD, ADD/ADHD

Grow Difficulty: Easy

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A pure indica, Hindu Kush (aka Hindi Kush) is one of the most respected strains on the planet, as it boasts being one of the original landrace strains that began global love for cannabis. Named Hindu Kush after the Hindu Kush mountains that make up the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, this strain offers up a sedative effect and flowers heavy with resin. Hindu Kush was first introduced to the US in the 60s and has been revered and crossbred ever since. THC content is usually between 18-21%, with CBG and CBD at about 0.5%.

Classic indica in stature, Hindu Kush is short and stocky, rarely growing above 5 foot. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, but the best results are often achieved indoors if you are a novice grower. When growing indoors, it is advised that low-lying branches are trimmed, along with any broad fan leaves. It has an indoor flowering time of 7-8 weeks, yielding 400-450g/m2. Outdoors, harvests are ready late October and yields of 450-500g/plant can be expected.

Hindu Kush has big, dense green buds that have a sticky layer of silvery-white trichomes, for which the strain is renowned for; it is believed that this strain was one of the first to be used for hash production. Certain phenotypes produce leaves that display beautiful shades of purple. The complex aroma of this strain is noteworthy as it offers sweet yet musky tones, with notes of spice, sandalwood, pine and damp earth, which get more intense when smoked. Flavor-wise, Hindu Kush has additional herbal, incense notes.

The effects of Hindu Kush are slow-building, starting with a bodily relaxation that develops into a more foggy, cerebral high. The intense body stone often manifests as couch-lock, leaving the mind to wander and contemplate, making it a much better option for the night time than the day.

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