Sex: Feminised

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Grow: Indoors/Outdoors

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Outdoor Harvest: October

Yield: Indoors 500-600g/m2; Outdoors 400-600g/plant

Height: 90-120cm indoors, 220cm outdoors

THC: 20-26%

CBD: <1%

CBN: 1.592%

CBG: 1.148%

Terpenes: Beta Myrcene: 0.07-4.29%, Beta Caryophyllene: 0.25-2.54%, Alpha Pinene: 0.13-1.56%, Linalool: 0.16-0.35%, Limonene: 0.19-0.27%, Terpinolene: 0.16%

Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Taste/Flavour: Fruity, Sweet, Earthy, Floral

Effect: Relaxing, Euphoric

Grow Difficulty: Hard

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Gelato is one of the most globally-renowned connoisseur strains to have come out of the USA in the last few years due to the desirable lineage, incredible terpene profile and hefty THC levels. Those that opt for this choice are always impressed with the remarkable flavors, visual appeal, and potent yet social effects that Gelato offers.

This slightly indica-leaning hybrid (55% indica, 45% sativa) is the sublime combination of the two superb strains: the fruity Sunset Sherbet and tasty Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, meaning that this strain offers incredible THC content of around 20-26%, CBD levels of less than 1%, CBN of around 1.5%, and CBG content at around 1.15%.

Cultivators can expect to harvest visually appealing crops of dense buds that have a gorgeous forest green shade, thick with a sticky resin, rich in beautiful orange and purple pistils. It can be grown in any environment and produces exceptional yields of around 500-600g/m2 indoors and 400-600g/plant outdoors, which can be harvested in 8-9 weeks indoors or in mid-October outdoors. These delightful, pungent beauties can reach around 90-120cm indoors and up to 220cm outdoors. But growers be warned, this is not the easiest strain to grow and is certainly a strain for more advanced cultivators.

Boasting a complex range of terpenes, including beta myrcene, beta caryophyllene, alpha pinene, linalool, limonene, and terpinolene, it is unsurprising that Gelato brings some delicious aromas and tastes. The flavor is reminiscent of sweet sherbert, with fruity notes of orange and blueberry. The aroma is equally as sweet and fruity but with the added bonus of a slight lavender fragrance. When smoked, there is a smooth, creamy smoke that is thick and tasty on both the inhale and exhale.

With Gelato, you can expect some powerful effects that may be a little overwhelming for novice smokers, but there isn’t any risk of couchlock. There is an uplifting, euphoric and cerebral edge, which is simultaneously mellow and relaxing. It can hit pretty fast with some users noting a sense of altered perception and heightened senses. With an overall comfortable, floaty high that is still very lucid, this is a strain that can be enjoyed in the daytime or the evening.

Please click here for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) Total Canna Profile – Gelato – FEM

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