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Sensible Seeds Premium brings you the very best cannabis seeds on the market.

If you are looking for the best seeds on the market, you’ll find them here. We have a massive selection, no matter what type of grower you are.

How did we bring together all the best seeds into one place? Simple really – we used our relationships with the most experienced breeders in the industry. Over the years, our partnerships flourished, allowing us to know precisely which strains offer the best genetics, flavors and sensations.


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Our Guarantee

All of the seeds you’ll find in our collection have a 99% germination rate. If seeds do not germinate, we offer replacements free of charge. No hassle – no questions asked. How many brands can say that?

Our Reviews

Of course we’re going to tell you that we’re the best premium cannabis seed seller on the web. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We have legions of customers who love what we do. See what they have to say about us below.

Our Seeds

To provide you with only the very best seeds, our premium offerings are whittled down our standard collection. You’ll still be able to find all your favorite types of cannabis seeds – just the best examples. Seeds in our collection are bred with the medical marijuana user in mind. Check out specific seeds that offer the perfect ratio of CBD to THC.

High CBD

CBD is a powerful cannabinoid that has the potential to utterly transform your experience. Our Premium range includes many high CBD seeds that will blow your mind. These germinate and grow into plants that produce large quantities of cannabidiol – great for vaping, smoking or distilling into oils.

High THC

High THC seeds grow into cannabis plants that heavily express the psychoactive chemical – tetrahydrocannabinol – that makes cannabis so renowned. They also contain large quantities of other supporting cannabinoids, including CBD.

Providing the correct ratio of light to dark when growing cannabis is a challenge, but with autoflowering seeds, you don’t need to worry about that.

Why? Because this type of seed flowers according to an internal clock, not light-dark cycles. That means that you can effectively “set and forget.” Autoflowering premium seeds are a great option for anyone just starting their cannabis journey, looking for a great outcome first time around.


In the past, cannabis growers took a scattergun approach to planting, sowing both male and female seeds equally. However, because of male seeds’ poor yield, this approach was inefficient.

Our premium feminized seeds correct this. Breeders use advanced technologies to select for more female seeds and fewer male ones. This saves you space and lets you better focus your growing operation.

Regular Seeds

If you’re just after regular seeds, our Sensible Seeds Premium has you covered. But these aren’t any ordinary regular seeds – they’re best-in-class from the top breeders in the world.

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