About Sensible Seeds Premium

Sensible Seeds Premium is a branch of Sensible Seeds that focuses exclusively on high-grade seeds.

Sensible Seeds Premium was among the first retailers in the country to offer premium cannabis seeds. We built relationships with growers from the start to source seeds that would be a cut above the rest. We now have ties with more than 150 breeders and we’re always looking for new partners.

Sensible Seeds Premium: A New Benchmark

What makes premium cannabis seeds from us so great? It all comes down to the fact that we, like you, love cannabis. When designing our business, we thought carefully about what we would want from a premium seed supplier if we bought seeds online. The biggest issue for us was trust: we would want to know that we were getting quality seeds that would germinate and provide great flowers and buds.

Historically, finding reputable premium seed banks was virtually impossible. For many cannabis consumers, it was luck of the draw. You could sometimes find a great brand, but it was often hit and miss.


However, with Sensible Seeds Premium, that’s all changing. We’re offering a totally new kind of premium cannabis seed service that ensures quality from start to finish. It’s what we want – and it’s what you want too.

To improve the quality of our seeds, we started at a grassroots level. We looked at the industry as it was and asked whether there was a better way of doing it. Could we improve on the ways brands transport seeds from suppliers to our depots and then onto customers? What we found was striking: many firms in the industry weren’t taking basic steps to protect the integrity of their seeds – hardly premium, we thought.

That’s why we began creating a new distribution system that would guarantee freshness and vitality. We began buying seeds fresh (instead of stored) and packed and distributed them in optimal environments. Our customers noticed that the seeds that they bought from us seemed to be better than those bought elsewhere. Eventually, we built up a name for ourselves as a trusted family-run cannabis business, renowned for honesty and integrity.

Why Premium Cannabis Seeds?

For us, the move to premium cannabis seeds is natural. Because we understand how to distribute seeds end-to-end without damaging them, we are in a prime position to offer our customers products that are a cut above the rest. Our facilities allow us to store cannabis seeds in a way that guarantees their freshness, helping us achieve our goal of a 99 percent germination rate for all seeds delivered.

Creating our premium seed selection didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it took many years of relationship building. For us – and for you – the trick to getting the best skunk is to find growers who really understand their work. The recent opening up of the cannabis market means that many people are piling into the industry. Our task is to discover those growers who produce genuinely exceptional products.

Part of our process is auditing and testing all premium cannabis seeds that we buy. This lets us discover which growers are producing quality crops, and which aren’t. We also research and investigate each strain of premium cannabis that we sell so that we understand its uses and how it can benefit you.

Because Sensible Seeds Premium is all about quality, we’ve restricted our range. Sensible Seeds sells thousands of products, but at our Premium site, you’ll only find the cream of the crop. In our opinion, these are the best seeds that money can buy, sourced from top suppliers.

Naturally, all the usual perks of shopping with us will remain. You’ll get our classic price match guarantee. We also offer free cannabis seeds with orders and you’ll be able to benefit from all our usual monthly promotions and special offers. Finally, premium seeds from us come in our classic stealth packaging – great for security and privacy.

So what’s the bottom line? It’s pretty simple really: if you want quality premium cannabis seeds, Sensible Seeds Premium is the logical choice. Our distribution system and the way we source guarantees the integrity of your seeds from the start of their journey to the end of it. We have more than twenty years of experience, so you are in safe hands with us. Ultimately, we’re just as passionate about cannabis as you are.

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